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Through ART...

Everything is possible for those who give themselves the means

Hello, I'm Sergio Aranda, jewelry designer, HRD diamond expert, visual artist, YouTuber and aspiring artist coach. I am a "self made man" my journey has been difficult. Through constructive thinking, mediation, visualization and gratitude. I overcame my disappointments and became a better version of myself. In our lives everything actually depends on "us". I will give you the tools to become "better" people through ART and better artists thanks to the techniques that I have applied in my life and as an artist, not always understood.

Encouraged positivity, curbed negativity. Deciding to change and achieve our goals starts here... I will accompany you to reach your maximum potential.

Happiness does not come from outside, it is a "choice" that we must visualize, gratitude, boost our psyche, create healthy habits, meditate and free our minds through or thanks to ART.

ART therapy, the discovery of art, freeing our mind, learning to forgive ourselves, meditating and emptying negative feelings and growing as a person and as an artist, learning new artistic techniques and occupying time. spirit to creation. If you've hit rock bottom at any point, now is the time to resurface, because you've decided to pull through. So now is the time to act...

Don't find yourself any more excuses, take your brushes and change your life as an artist and your life as of today. Do something extraordinary for yourself. Because you can. And you deserve it, no one can ever tell you otherwise.

The ART therapy course lasts two hours, takes place in my studio, in Paris in the 12 arr. 500 meters from the Gare de Lyon.

All courses for the year 2022 are complete. For more information, please contact me. ART Therapy course: Price 200,-- € / 2 hours

ART Therapy

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